Can my psu handle this setup?

I have the following, and I was hoping on setting up an gt 430 card in my case for a 4th monitor to just watch movies and chat on. Would the psu be fine? Power usage from the pc to the wall as stated [i7 2700k [212w], GTX 570 SLI [410w], GT 430 [242w], 1SSD & 1HDD, 1DVD Rom, and a MB.] But I have read about the 430 only taking about 40w, and that the i7 can use it's gpu to help take load off the 570. SO! Will I am able to running this setup with my coolermaster silent pro 800w?
i7 2700k
corsair vengeance 16gig 1600
asrock extreme4 gen3
2x gtx 570
gt 430???
coolermaster silent pro 800w

GT 430 Power Usage:

GTX 570 SLI Power Usage: [...] -review/13
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  1. JackNaylorPE, thank you for the link. The chart suggest that I only need 662, but best would be 712. Given I am at 800w. I might be fine to test this.

    How would I test the watt usage through my power cord in the PSU? I heard there is a device that can do this?

    Also, how would I know, if I do not have enough power / hurting my system with my setup? What kind of damage would I see?
  2. I think you'v done a fair job calculating your gpu wattage,i use Guru 3D for reference as well.
    You're right the GT 430 will likely sip power.
    There's no way your 95W cpu uses 212W though even overclocked.
    The device you're referring too is called a kill-a-watt meter.(Newegg,hardware stores sell them)
    Also Guru 3D uses a X58 testbed that uses more power then an 1156 platform.
    As listed on Guru3D regarding lack of power
    bad 3D performance
    crashing games
    spontaneous reset or imminent shutdown of the PC
    freezing during gameplay
    PSU overload can cause it to break down
  3. davcon,
    Thank you for the very helpful reply. I feel that the information within this thread is more then enough ensure the safe installation of my third video card, the gt 430. And thanks again for the information related to the underpowered psu.
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