Which RAM?

I've got a couple choices for DDR3 to go into This AM3 mobo.

One is 1066 CL 7 and one is 1600 CL9

Ready to buy today just need to know which (if there will be a noticable difference) will perform better. The rig will be used for gaming and surfing.

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  1. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231259

    If you can afford an extra 15 bux these will be a faster set.
  2. Well:

    1- The 1066 is a basic speed, that you also can find in DDR.
    2- The 1600 speed is very good, but the CL is very high, so, isn't a good option.
    3- For an AMD right, a 1333 RAM is the recommended RAM, but remember that is better CL6, CL7 or CL8. THIS or THIS are very good options for you.
  3. Thanks for those recommendations. Unfortunately neither of those are on the QVL for that motherboard.

    I did find some 1333 CL8 that is. Would be better than the 1066 CL7?
  4. You can for the most part go off the QVL as long as it dosent go over the voltage recommendations for your motherboard.
  5. The QVL is guide to choose your RAM, that the RAM isn't listened in that list, doesn't mean that don't work on your mobo. Just mean that the manufacturer don't test the mobo with the RAM that I say.

    Is better the 1333 CL8, BUT max 1.65V
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