Read Linux RAID5 on windows possible?

Hi guys

Just wonder if I had a Network recorder using Linux RAID5 format right now, can I read the Linux HDD on windows? Because I need to keep the recording for a years according to my insurance company...

I can set it up as Linear format too....kind of loss now...any suggest is welcome :)
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  1. This will depend on the file system and RAID controller you used. In order for it to "just work" you would need the driver for windows for that RAID controller and you will have needed to store the files in FAT32 or NTFS. I tis possible to read other filesystems from within windows but this will most likely require 3rd party software. The RAD 5 portion of your problem is really seperate from the file system.
  2. Yes! You can

    Connect those drives as JBOD then use one of data recovery software and read the data off.


    Since is a network DVR, backup/archive via your network, so you can read under windows later
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