E-Machine desktop computer no video @ bootup

I took cover off of my E-machine to blow out dust bunnies inside and now there is no video at bootup!

Prior to this everything worked fine!

No beeps no video nothing!

I can't see how blowing out the "PILES" of dust could disable the on-board video card!!

Static electricity took the on-board video chips out??? That's a stretch, considering it was humid as hell out!

I can't even see bios to make changes, absolutely NOTHING is displayed from time power is pressed!

Is it just coincidence that this has happened after blowing out dust or did some dust block the pins in vga port?

Now, in checking the power supply I removed the 4-wire black and yellow cord coming from the power supply (on-board video pwr) when removed the hard drives spin up. When I plug it BACK in to the MB a slight spark is seen inside the 4-pin molex and the power supply goes into thermal shutdown.

What the sam hell is causing that?? Next thing on my to-do list is to remove the MB and see if there is something lodged underneath causing the short!

Swapped out power supply and still the same thing, so it's not a power supply problem!

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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  1. Dust could also cause a short. Blowing it around may have lodged something in a place where things shouldn't be lodged. I would unplug it, blow inside the PSU and around the mobo again, while you're at it make sure everything inside is plugged in nicely, and try again.
  2. Would plugging and unplugging the 4 pin molex while the pwr spl was running(hot and turned on) be a bad idea?
  3. I've heard that E-machine mobos are known for failing. In particular the caps. I checked these and where as they seems to be stressed I don't know if that is the problem.

    When the 4pin molex is connected CPU fan runs slow, when it is disconnected CPU fan spins up fine!

    I think rather than replace caps I get a MB kit from emachine support!

  4. UPDATE: I found a similar AMD MB yesterday and will install that.

    Any new MB has SATA connectors and will require a pci sata/ide adapter, so I will use the above used MB and learn my lesson with E-mqachines

    I just want to get this machine fixed asap and away from me.
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