Overclocking, voltage doesn't decrease while idling

I am in the process of fine-tuning my 2500K processor to run @4.5GHz with the least amount of core voltage applied. I have the ASUS P8Z68-V Pro mobo. I overclock by setting the Turbo to Manual, and then I set the CPU ratio to 45 (I don't change the baseclock, leave it at 100MHz). Next, I adjust the core voltage by using "Manual", as opposed to "Offset". The lowest core voltage setting I have applied that allows the processor to run 4.5GHz under stress tests (Prime95) is 1.265v. I am quite pleased that I can run at that frequency with that voltage, however -

1. Under idle speeds (~1.6GHz) the core voltage does not decrease, it stays at ~1.26v or so, as measured by CPU-Z. I have the Intel Speed Step function enabled, so shouldn't the core voltage decrease along with the clock speed, even under manual voltage setting?

2. What other "essential" stress test programs do you recommend that I run to make really sure that my processor at the clock speeds I set is stable?

Thank you.
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    similar problem here

    i have the same mobo and processor. i set my multiplier to 47 with 1.4v (yes i know, it's high but i was going to decrease voltage to see where it is stable), and speedstep function and all C states are enabled. I ran prime95 all night (9 hours) and it was stable, no errors and temps were in high 50s to mid 60s on all my cores.

    i turned off the test and went on the internet for a while and no problems. when i came home from school and turned it on, browsed the internet, i got a BSOD.

    right now i'm on the same settings and haven't blue screened yet, but when i check CPU-Z and Open Hardware Monitor while idling, my CPU cores are clocked at 4700mhz and voltage is 1.4 the entire time. It won't lower clocks when idle, nor the voltage. sometimes though, one of the cores goes to 1600mhz for a couple seconds and switches back to 4700mhz, and it alternates for a little bit but then they resume on full speed
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