My custom PC just build, turns on but than turns immediatley off

N260GTX-T2D896-OC-TwinFrozr (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260)
P55-CD53 (Intel® P55)
4 GB DDR3-1333 Kit (4096 MB)
WD5000AADS (500 GB)
SH-S223L (22 / 8 / 16 speed)
Core™ i5-750 (4x 2666 MHz)
MS-TECH LC-05B ( It has a 550W power suply)

I just build it, all the parts are brand new. eveything is on the correct spot. but when i connect the power supply to the electricity after a few seconds it tries to start automatically but turns off immediatley. when it tries to start the lights go on, and the processor fan spins for a second.
I tried disconnecting it and connecting it back several times did not work, tried to let it rest for a while then tried again. but nothing.

I dont know if its because i need a better power supply or because the power supply is new and has to be connected to the electricity for a while before starting it. Can anyone help please? :( :( :(
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  1. You might have the CPU in the wrong way round. It is possible to do despite the arrows on the corners of the socket and the CPU itself. I did it myself too once but luckily my motherboard had many safeguards for procting the components from over powering and nothing blew up.
  2. Just Checked it...its not the other way around...its on the correct side. and now i removed my processor cooling fan and it has a grey stuff on the processor whats that ? and im trying to boot my pc out of the case with the Ram memmory and the video card only on it. and it keeps turning on and off, on and off....
  3. I take it this is your first build from what you have said and also that someone helped you as you didn't know what the grey stuff on your processor was. So...

    When I said it might be the wrong way round I ment that the CPU might be the right way "Up" but there is one corner of it that is supposed to go into the socket in a certain corner of that socket. If it is not in that corner the connections below "pins" will not be in the right place. When you mention "and it has grey stuff on the processor", I presume you mean the thermal grease. This is normal and is required to transfer the heat of the CPU to the CPU Cooler so that it keeps the CPU cool enough to run.
  4. The corner you mentioned is in the right corner. i just checked it. and when i start it, it still goes on and off, and i noticed that a led light "CPU phase 1" turns on and then turns off.....
  5. I presume you have reconnected the CPU cooler? If not it will be turning itself off to prevent an overheat.
  6. Did you go through this checklist...It would be easier...
  7. Yes, the cooler is connected. what could be my problem? the procesor or the power supply ?
  8. Must be the power supply unit then not having enough power to keep it all running at the right voltages. Maybe you can borrow a friends PSU to check?
  9. Try gkays list next, I didn't know there was one as I'm also new to this forum and only made my first post today. I have to log of now and get some stuff done. Good luck with getting it running.
  10. OK thnx.... i was missing the 4 pin power cable... but still it does not boot properly keeps restarting.....
  11. gkay09 said:
    Did you go through this checklist...It would be easier...

    Hello i was wandering if you lcoud help me, because ive done everything inthe list...and something is still going wrong... and it looks like it boots... but then itgoes off and then boots again
  12. ^ Is it your 1st time building a PC or you have done this before ?
    Have you installed the mobo standoffs ?
    Do you have any old graphics card, that you could try switching to...
    And I would suggest you go through that Checklist once more, not leaving any step...And do try this one too...
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