Which would be a better investment!

I'm needing to know what would be a better investment. Should I buy Windows 7 x64 and another 4Gigs of memory putting me up to 8Gigs or should I get a GTX 260 replacing my 9800GT I have. So out of these two ideas which would be a better investment on my part. Any and all input will be helpfull. Thanks.
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  1. 8GB of ram wont really help you out much over 4GB, but a GTX260 would help with gaming, however the cheapest GTX260 i see on newegg is $195, for that price you could get a 4890 which would perform significantly better, on par with a GTX275.
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    8Gb if your doing video or large graphic rendering.

    260 and use 9800 for Physxs, if your a gamer.
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