Will the linksys pci crad model wmp11 work with the linksys wireless router mode

will the linksys pci card wmp11 work with the linksys wireless router model wmp54gs.i have the router and matching card (router wmp54gs and card wmp54gs) i am useing hp puters both have 512mb both running xp 1 sertvpac3 1 servpac2.floppy that came with card shows no option for xp???.Sorry I just know a little about puters.Can someone help me PLEASE. ( libraatheart48@live.com)
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  1. They may work but only at 11mbs (maximum, in reality always less) because the pci adapter is a wireless B spec.

    Judging by the model number the router is wireless G which probably has a theoretical maximum of 54mbs.

    You may find an XP driver for the adapter on the Linksys site.

    But it might be worth investing in a newer adapter.

    There are sometimes issues between old wireless B adapters and newer routers (even when wireless B or mixed mode is selected in the router).
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