Windows Ready Boost

OS: W7 Home Premium 64-bit
RAM: 1066 DDR3 8G's
CPU: Phenom II x4 820 2.80Ghz
HDD: SATA 1TB 5400RPM Transfer Rate 3Gb's (Internal)

Hew guys my question is the following:

Would Dedicating a 16Gig USB 2.0 Flash drive to Windows Ready Boost, boost my pc's performance?

P.S As you guyz can tell im a newb, my friend told me it would boost my performance a bit, but he failed to explain how it worked, so a slight explanation would also be appreciated,
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  1. Generic USB flash drives are by and large pretty slow, with typical write speeds of around 2-5MByte/sec. I doubt it would help very much.
  2. I don't think you will notice any difference. You have enough RAM and running a decent CPU. It's for those who have like 1gb RAM or less. Vista and Window 7 run better on 4gb of RAM.
  3. I tough it might help with write speed a little and other stuff, my HDD is pretty big and it's sometimes slow when writing large files and bringing up that info.

    I guess the best thing i can do is defragmentation, and error scans a few times a year to keep it up to speed.

    P.S I seen my HDD Fragmentation go up to 25%, after i have installed a few large Game files 3-10 gigs, is that normal?
  4. 25% seems on the high side to me.
  5. sminlal said:
    25% seems on the high side to me.

    I tough the same thing, It only got that high once, after i installed about 30 gb's worth of games, but still installing 30 gigs of info shouldn't have bumped it so high. Well i guess il just keep a close eye on the fragmentation.
  6. I am looking into this ready boost thing also.

    All I can say is that given your system its supposed to increase performance on 4k random reads and even smaller reads.

    in this respect almost any flash drive will beat a regular hard drive by 20 times or more.

    so to say it would not help at all is something I would not say unless I had actually tried it before.

    Have any of you guys tried it?
  7. p.s. right now my pc will not let me try it.
    because i just removed a ssd from my system recently.
  8. alohascott said:
    p.s. right now my pc will not let me try it.
    because i just removed a ssd from my system recently.

    I haven't looked for more info regarding Ready Boost, i gave up on finding more about it, atm i tough i could just get a second 7200RPM HDD, since my current HD is getting more and more data stored day by day, cause of my constant game installs XD.
  9. hmm
    I changed my OS to server 2008 and I don't think it has ready boost function
  10. I also searched the internet on that topic because i use it on my i-5 sandy bridge with 8 gb ram..tomshardware, wikipedia have an article bout this. As an 8GB user we cannot feel it like on the <2gb ram system. But you can actually monitor the read and write operations in the resource monitor or in the drive meter gadget.
  11. but with an 8gb ram, superfetch is really good. and readyboost compliments the superfetch with extra memory. true sequential read/write of hdd is fast but random read/write is a lot better in flash memory.
    on my first notebook toshiba satellite (dual core pentium, 2gb usable ram) i used it and in one case it add my winsat aero graphic assessment with +.1 :) dont know why maybe because of superfetch/readyboost.
    just weeks ago i dedicated two flash memory on my new samsung netbook (atom with 1gb usable ram) and saw results. also in the winsat aero graphic asessment i found additional +.1.just have to repeat the test to cached it in memory.
  12. and even here on sandy bridge i-5 notebook. i did the winsat test twice to improve the score by +.1. so i believe superfetch works (and make use of 8gb ram) and readyboost for random read/write during heavy disk activity.
  13. nice
    some advice from people who have actually tried it!
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