GTX 275 splitscreen issue

Brand new system just assembled today. Upon initial boot after configurint the bios, and while installing Windows Vista, I noticed the screen seems to be divided in half. One side has a slightly different brightness than the other side. The problem remained even after I got past the point of installing all the drivers and updating windows.

It is extremely distracting during a game or TV show.

The video card is a Nvidia GTX 275 Don't these have dual GPU cores in them? could it be that the cores are somehow not calibrated correctly, or is this just a faulty card?

I tried to get a screenshot to show you guys, but the problem doesn't appear in the screenshots. It must be a defective card then. I'll photoshop it to show you what I see on my screen.
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  1. OK, nevermind about this. Turns out it was a monitor setting. I somehow got changed to Demo mode. Wow what a day.
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