Partitioning that went wrong?


I have a laptop where I needed to create one more partition.
I used Paragon 11 to partitionate. Now I have unallocated space on the drive.
And when I try to create a partition in win7 I get:

"The action chosen will be selected to convert basic disks to dynamic disks.
If you convert disks to dynamic disks, you will not be able to boot other operating systems
that are installed on any volume on the disks (with the exception of the current startup volume).
Do you wish to Continue"

I have used google translate to get this in english. I hope you get it.

Is it safe to continue? I just need to split the C partition in two two partitions.
One for OS and the other for storage.

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  1. There's no worry here. The major difference between a basic and dynamic disk is that with a basic disk you can only have up to 4 partitions on that disk. With a dynamic disk though, you can spread files over multiple disks (up to 32), and are given the option of adding more space to that partition down the road (whereas with basic, the volume size is static).

    The major setback to a dynamic disk is that if you wish to shrink the size of it, it'll erase all data on the disk in the process; so be sure to backup your data if you ever choose to do so.
  2. Hi and thanks

    I now see that dynamic disks are not supported in win 7 home edition.
    How do I proceed?
  3. Ah, was unaware that you had Home Edition. Dynamic disks aren't supported by Windows Vista Home Basic, Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows 7 Home Basic, Windows 7 Starter, and Windows 7 Home Premium. The only exception is if you've upgraded from Windows XP Media Center Edition to Windows Vista Home Premium.

    What's your main objective? To just had two partitions on one physical drive, where one holds the OS and the other stores your media/files?
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