Keep 3870 crossfire or upgrade for $200

Hey, im wondering if i should use $200 to upgrade to a 4890/4870 or just keep them? If the performance increase will be less than 50%, please let me know.

Phenom IIx4 940
gigabyte ga-ma 790x ud4p
2 3870s in crossfire
corsair 850tx
640gb HDD
8gb ddr2 1066
Antec 902 case
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  1. It depends on the games you play and at what res.
  2. 2x 3870s in Xfire performs equal to or slightly better than a 4870.

    You have a fairly decent set up and I'd suggest you wait for the prices of the 5x00 series to go down (prolly when the GT300 releases) before you upgrade.
  3. Just keep those cards.You have 200$ to spend.

    Save some more and wait for newer cards like GT300 and see what you can get...

    And ya...
    IMO The performance difference won't be 50%.
  4. soundefx said:
    It depends on the games you play and at what res.

    Oh, i forgot to say, my monitor res is 1920x1080, but i play at.. 1680x1050
  5. Why don't you play at your monitors native res.?

    Anyway, I know that the 4800 is a great improvement from the 3870, but I am with the others who say to wait a while. More competition over time will most likely drive the prices down a bit across the board.
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