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I have a gig-byte motherboard (GA-8IpE1000-G revision 4.0) running a P4 3.0 Ghz with HT.

I have 1 gb of ram (DDR Pc3200) and I am thinking I need more. On boot up, its says "memory runs at dual channel". There are two 512 mb simms in the red memory ports, the two purple sit empty.

If I get two more 512 and put them in the purple slots, will I Lose dual channel? If so, would it be more worth it to keep dual channel and get two biger sims, or just go cheap and get two more 512s and lose dual channel?

If I do get need two bigger sims to keep dual channel, for not alot more money I can get this with 2gb of ram already:

Will that older setup outperform my (much older) p4 3 gigahertz by much?
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  1. You should get dual channel performance by running the 4 x 512 set as you described but I wouldnt expect miracles. The jump from from 1g to 2g in Xp is noticeable though.
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    That amd combo you linked above would run circles around the P4 system you referenced and would make a good start. I wouldnt waste any money on new perts for the old system. Much better to move forward to a new platform and sell off the old stuff while people still want it.
  3. Hmm, tough choice. If by adding another gig of ram I do not hinder dual channel, then its only a $20 upgrade and can hold me for awhile.

    FYI: I do programming with c# and SQL server, watch movies, and use the web. WHile games are nice, I have a PS3 for that, but would like to play supreme commander.

    Will I see a benefit with the new system for what I do? I am bogging down a bit due to IE 8 taking up about 500 megs of ram for normal browsing !
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