Problem with new i7 system


I have a problem with my new i7 system.
It keeps powering off, when i open games like cod4 or nfsshift even Crazy machine 2.
The strange this is that i can run call of juarez bound in blood at max with out any problems.

I have used linx, prime95 and occt tools to stresstest the hole system invidualy.
And i get no error even after 2 hours of stress test.

I use windows 7 rtm ultimate 64 bit
and my system is
cpu : i7 920 none overclocked
MB: Asus rampage 2 gene
gfx: gainward gs 275 gtx
memory. 3x2gb ddr 3 crosair xms3 pc12800

best regards
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  1. What are you using for power supply?
  2. Sorry forgot that.
    a thermaltake 700watt..
  3. thermaltake isn't really a quality brand for PSUs, but it should be fine for your system. Did you try adjusting your memory timings to make sure they are set to manufacturer specs?
  4. Just tried to check that.. seem like the motherboard in auto setting have set the timings to 8-8-8-24 insted of 9-9-9-24....
    Very strange... now i can play gta4 with out problems.. just gonna redownload cod4 in steam to check that..
  5. hopefully that's all it was. 8-8-8-24 is a bit more aggressive of timings than 9-9-9-24.
  6. just strange that is can run stress tests with out any problems.. but start up a game and the computer is crashing..
  7. oh i was not just timings.. just started crazy machine 2 demo with psyx levels.. and it almost instantly crashes and restarts the computer..
  8. Those stress tests don't really test the RAM much. Memtest86+ is the best at detecting faulty RAM. I bet the reason the timings were so tight is that the RAM is being run underclocked for compatibility reasons. You should manually set the RAM speed/timings/voltage to the recommended specs and then run Memtest86+ overnight.

    Which exact RAM kit do you have? All these match your description:
  9. I have the first kit from the top...

    it is QPI/DRAM core voltage, there should be 1.65v
    right ?
  10. Yes, the DRAM voltage should be set to 1.65v. The RAM speed should also be set to 1600 MHz.
  11. Damm... cod4 still crashes when it should start to show 3dgfx....

    Any other idea ?
  12. If you're still having these problems after manually setting the RAM settings and running multiple passes of Memtest86+ without any errors then I would say the PSU is causing the problems. The fact that it crashes when it tries to go into 3d mode would indicate that the PSU can't deliver enough clean power when put under load.
  13. okay... i will try to run memtest86+ tonight...
    but i can run 3dmark vantage without i crashes... so it is not all 3d modes makes it crash...
  14. now i have got memtest86+ running for 10 hours and 10 passes.. and no errors..
    So it do not seem like it is the memory there is the problem..
  15. no one has a idea to what to do ?
    sadly i haven´t got any money for a new psu atm.. so can´t try that...
  16. Not sure if you've checked this yet, but how are your temperatures? i7 does run hot and if you have a problem with you cooling, it could be the temp protection kicking in.
  17. i have a ifx-14 cooler on the cpu and the rest is in a p182 case with 4 120mm fans in... and it only go up to 75 degrease at max load..
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