Change extra Hd from "system basic" back to just "basic"

I have reinstalled win 7 home premium on a machine with 4 other hds. Extra hds I want just basic as the type for simplicity with read/write access.
the extra drives besides "C" are all basic with the exception of one hd -that is system, basic. The [ 'D" system. basic ] is displayed in disc management, yet it does not appear in "My Computer".
"D system basic" must have had system restore enabled at some point; but that drive is now disabled in system restore [prefer data untouched]. Having reinstalled windows 7 home premium 2x previously, with the extra drives untouched, even though the "D with system,basic” was recognized in My Computer on the last of the two OS re installs; this time it is not seen in "My Computer"; only in disc management=this is the first time that this has happened.
I want to get this back to simple basic rather than system basic and not have the data touched.
Hoping that there is a simple solution to this.
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  1. Hi there,

    The "D" system basic drive, lets call it "Additional", is probably not showing up in Windows Explorer because it may have had the "D" DriveLetter assigned previously, or there may be a "D" DVD or other drive already assigned that letter.

    Go to Disk Management, and in the "Additional" drive row, under Volume Status, right click on it and on the "Change Drive Letter and Paths" remove the DriveLetter if present, then assign it a different DriveLetter that is not used. Also give it a VolumeName by right clicking on Properties, and give it a name, like "Additional" or "BackUp", or whatever.
    Then hopefully it will show up in Windows Explorer.

    If this was a clean install, you should have a hidden 100MB System Reserved Partition marked as (System, Active, etc) or if not the C drive should be marked as (System, Active, Boot, etc).

    The "Additional" drive may still be marked as System, since it does have system files on it, but there will be only 1 "Active" drive, where the BIOS points to in the boot process. This "Additional" Disk drive should not be listed as the Hard Disk Boot Priority on the Advanced BIOS page in your BIOS.
  2. So grateful: A concise full explanation with details that makes perfect sense. It turns out that there was no volume label, so duh on this end; but the timely manner of response was appreciated more than words. Bless you and keep the good work and advice on the forum.
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