Maxtor 53073u6

I have this old 30 gig HD that I "think" works and most likely has an operating system on it.

Can I:
hook this hard drive up to a system that is turned on and already in operation, to see what might have been on it, as to retrieve any old data, pics, etc? I don't want to risk injury to my new asus mobo, so if there is this chance...then this is definetly "out".
(i would as long as I boot into windows 7 with my main HD, that I should be able to get into this drive, as say a storage drive)

If the above will not work, the only other thing I can try to do is hook it up alone and see if it will boot up, then get anything off from it I want.

My goal is to reformat this HD with XP on it, just for a magicjack computer.
Please advise as how to get into this HD.
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  1. disregard on this entire question. i got quicker help from pctechsupport forum.
    thx, dm
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