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I have the red ring of death so I'm trashing my box. is there any way i can salvage the video card and use it in a PC i have? thank you
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  1. First off, its only about as powerful as a 7800gtx (or so I've heard) so its not even worth it, the biggest thing is that it wouldn't ever work in your pc. Its made specifically for the xbox 360, and its not able to be used with any pc. The Pc uses a pci/agp/pci-e interface, while the xbox 360 has its card simply soldered in place.
  2. Just kick your XboX 360 to the curb.

    Maybe you can salvage the HDD and optical drive, but that's it.
  3. There is a way to fix it. I fixed mine. Do a search and you'll see the actual issue is the unit is overheating. You can take copper pennies and actually make little heatsinks and get it working again. Just do a search and there are how-to's all over the place. So .. your 360 isn't dead. The myth that the red ring of death means death for your unit is a bunch of crap. Just gotta be careful after soldering those pennies onto the VGA memory, that's all. Microsoft basically went cheap on the design and only put little rubber heat spreaders on the memory .. and eventually they konk out and it just won't work anymore.
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