Is ocz pc3-14400 reaper sli ready

will a evga 790i mobo take 4gb of oczddr3 pc3-14400 reaper [1800mhz] memory cant find out if this ram is sli ready or not and i read that when you go over 1333mhz the ram has to be sli ready on this board

if ram cannot work please fell free to leave suggestion of some that will
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  1. RAM being sli ready? you hear something new everyday.... you have the 790i ultra sli mobo?
    But that ram should would perfectly fine on that mobo regardless of sli certification stuff... SLI is for psus/gpus/mobos only
  2. LOL SLI ready ram thats a good one manufacturer will stamp anything on there product if they think it will sell more. :lol:
  3. thanks for the info guys i thought it sounded strange but i read it in a forum this guy said [make dam sure that you ram is sli ready if going over 1333mhz for this board ]
    so just wanted ta ask the experts is there not somthin eles like epp2 that has somtin ta do with this tho
  4. LOL strange he said that, as for EPP2 thing... not that im aware of... only thing would be ECC which is common practice in servers as it can work for more then one port or something... dont worry bout that stuff its expensive as. Yes, the 790i will work fine with that ram in other words
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