Disk Read Error on start up

I recently built a comp with EVGA 790i ultra sli and a quad core 2.66 ghz and 2gigs of ram and running vista 32 bit and trying to start the comp today gave me "Disk Read Error press ctrl alt delete to restart what could this be caused by
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  1. it could be caused by a lot of things, incorrect build, wrong configuration settings in BIOS, hardware failure. Normally, you install the OS after you complete the hardware build... Are you trying to run another machine's OS in your brand new build?
  2. no brand new everything operating system and all
  3. and it is built fully it was working yesterday just fine but now it gives me that error
  4. I'd double check the BIOS settings, make sure that the hard drive is selected as the first boot device. If that didn't work, you might have corrupted your boot sector somehow, and the repair function on the Windows installation disc should be able to handle that for you.
  5. Ok Thank you i appreciate it i will post later to let ya know how it works
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