How to connect case to motherboard?


Canany one show me how to connect the case switches and HDD lights to motherboard?Is this same for every motherboard?

Thanks in advance
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  1. I think this is myne, ASUS P5KPL AM-PS

  2. No, not always the same for every motherboard, but generally similar. What motherboard you using?
    Connect case to motherboard? Use screws and standoffs? lol?
  3. N and P are for negative and positive. The plugs from the case will be marked with a ( very small ) arrow on one side. The arrow goes to positive. Then you just match wire to posts. Storage LED might be marked as HDD LED on the cable depending on maufacturer. RST is for the reset switch ,PowerSW is the Power Switch and Power LED is for the Power On LED.
  4. Switches are nonpolarized. Won't make any difference. For the LED's, the white wire goes on the "-" terminal. If the appropriate LED does not illuminate, make sure it is on the correct terminals and reverse the connector. You will not damage anything.
  5. OK, any images to help me?
  6. Just follow the imprints on the board, should also be stuff bout it in the mobo manual, and the text on the actual case cables are easy to read, really not too hard :D
  7. Ok thanks,Any other ways ?
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    No... affordable robots arent able to do this yet if thats what you mean... simplest way as i said is to just read manuals and cables and line them up, basic jigsaw puzzle
  9. haha,Thanks guys ,Thank you all for ur replies!
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  11. No problem just glad to help :D
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