Sparkle 9800 GT 1GB underclocked

Hello Everyone.

I am a newbie here so please be gentle :hello:

I just bought a Sparkle 9800 GT 1GB used of ebay to replace my 8600GT

Playing Skyrim and it looks alot better than before. However, been looking at some bits and bobs on the net and it seems like my card is underclocked slightly.

According to Sparkles website, it should be 600/900/1500 mhz core/mem/shader speeds however mines is at 555/900/1455.

Checked it though ntune and rivatune and both say its running at stock speeds.

Is it ok or is there a problem with it.

Can i just use ntune to clock it upto 600/900/1500 or more.

New to overclocking.

i am planning to get a GTX 560 in a few months, just needed a better GPU for just now.

Thanks in advance everyone
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  1. Whack it up to 600/900/1500

    If its unstable run MSI afterburner and see if you can up the volts a bit - check temps at all times and stress test using Furmark.
  2. Thanks

    Will give it a try and see how it gets on.
  3. Back in the day i had 3 9800gt. One was the evga super clocked at 650 900 1800. So I used afterburner to clock them all the same. Worked great. So finally I just copied the bios from the evga super clocked to the other 2 cards. Now all 3 think they are evga super clocked cards and they all run great. That was 3 years ago. 2 are in SLI in my extra computer and 1 is in my multimedia computer.

    Point is those graphics cards have alot of head room so you may be able to get to 650 or 666.

    Im my case all 3 video cards were refrence boards that looked identical. The boards ram and coolers were all the same.
  4. Turns out that my cards stock speeds are actaully 555/500/1350 and not as i originally posted :pt1cable:

    I tried to push it to 630/530/1565. it ran ok on a ntune stability test however when i ran Skyrim it didn't like it at all.

    Took it to 600/500/1500 and it seems to be fine.

    A bit higher than my stock but not too bad.

    i am happy. Will do me until i get a GTX 560 OC
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