Different Size DDR2 RAM Modules?

I have a Intel S3210SH motherboard that takes DDR2 240-pin memory. I have two 1GB sticks in it right now and I bought more RAM to upgrade. I purchased 2x2GB sticks that are also DDR2 667. When I compared the two sticks, the slots are barely in the wrong spot so they wont fit in the slots. I thought all DDR2 RAM would fit in the same slots. Any suggestions?

The RAM that is currently in my system is Kingston KVR667D2E5. The RAM I purchased is Hynix HYMP125F72CP8D5. Both are ECC RAM because it is a server board.
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  1. Ok well as long as its DDR2 it will work are you sure you are putting them in the right direction one side is a little shorter then the other it should fit no problems i checked motherboard manual and looked at both kingston and the hynix and they should all work. Yes you can use all them together just make sure you put them in the right dims you want to pair the same size together so it will work in dual channel.
  2. Are you sure they are both ECC? If they shipped you non ECC memory by accident...
  3. Yes, they are both ECC, I double checked just to make sure. I tried putting them in and they wouldn't fit so i went and looked them up. Then powered down thinking maybe i made a stupid mistake putting them in backwards, but they still don't fit. The only difference I can find in the RAM is the ones I ordered are buffered and the ones installed right now are not. I'm not worried about the new ones working with my original ones, im just looking to replace the old ones. Maybe the buffered RAM is slightly different? I have never dealt with buffered memory. Anyone? Thanks in advance.
  4. ddr2 with fully buffered memory dont have the notch in the same position. Look at point 3 on wikipedia:

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