Palit good or bad?

hey all, ive made a bit of a mistake i allowed my parents to get me a 96GT graphics card, and they have brang back a brand called PALIT an i was just wondering keep it or get rid of it, is PALIT worth while or not?

please comment thanks nathan.
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  1. 9600GTs are a decent mid tier card for casual gamers.

    PALIT is an ok brand...certainly not as good as EVGA or XFX but they're decent.
  2. I have nothing but good things to say about Palit. My uncle had a Palit 8800GT 1GB and it was a great card for a while. He recently went up to a GTX 260 and it's a big leap forward but that had nothing to do with the brand .. just a more modern card. But yeah .. they tend to have good cooling solutions and are well built from what I've seen. Good support too.
  3. Palit are an OEM that manufacture for other brands. XpertVision and Gainward are both made by Palit (XpertVision's website is almost identical to Palit's, but I think they are just rebadged for a different region that's why). They are no better or worse than XFX or eVGA when it comes to reference boards, although their warranties aren't as good for US residents. For outside the US (or perhaps North America) XFX and eVGA have standard 2-year warranties anyway.
  4. thanks alot guys/girls you've been a masive help.
    im going to keep it.

    much thanks nathan.
  5. hey everyone im acually having problems with the card.
    when i installed the graphics card i got strait on and installed the drivers (i got a disk with the card) but the drivers on the CD where out of date so i went on the nvidia site and DL the new drivers from there.
    but they dont seem to be working, because ill go to play WoW and it just say's [failed to find a suitable display device, exiting now] i have tried to reinstall them many times but no such luck.

    please comment

    thanks alot Nathan.
  6. Try older drivers.

    Make sure you cleaned out drivers from any other card you had.
  7. hey shadow187, umm how do i clean them out?
  8. hi all ive fixed it, thanks for all the help :)

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