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Hi all,

I am looking for a Wireless Keyboard Mouse which is has a strong Signal receptor.
Let me explain. I have hooked up my computer to the 52" lcd tv, and plan to use it this way sitting 11 feet away on the sofa.
Hence i am looking for a device that has strong reception for the keyboard and the mouse to work 11-12 feet away from the USB reception point.
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  1. Mine is made by inland, and both the keyboard and mouse were $6 after rebate at frys on black friday. You'll just have to try one. If you sit on a couch like me, and the armrest interferes with the signal, it may be a problem. You may have to move your pc desk or htpc shelf to get a clear signal path. I got my mouse working at about 10 feet.
  2. Finally i got a Logitech MX5500. This is 2.4Gz and works from 30 feet away.
    This gadget is superb i must say, sheer sophistication.
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