P8-Z68-V PRO / Intel i5-2500k *HELP*

Hi ,, i am atempting to OC the set up in the title. I have cm hyper 612 s cooler.

seen as its a popular setup , i wondered if any one had a guide i could follow without learing the ins and outs of OCing

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  1. http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/265056-11-2600k-2500k-overclocking-guide

    Its right infront of you when you get on the forum.

    If your uncomfortable OCing yourself, go to the Auto-tuner in the AI Suite and crank it up to 4.5ghz, wait for it to stabalize and wala - overclocking made retard-freindly.

    Make sure you download 'coretemp' and 'prime95' - Run Prime 95 in Small FFTs for 4 hours (I prefer 12 but 4 usually does it after the Auto-Tuner has done the OC) and monitor temps over the course of the first hour closely. The other 3 hours are for stability, temps usually peak well before the first hour. Anything above 70 Degrees is too high on a 2500k (imo) I like to see the 60's on my temps, makes me feel special inside. 70 degrees itself is fine.

    Also, hail from South Yorkshire
  2. Where abouts is the AI suite is it in the bios?

    And wakefield/barnsley , a'hoy!
  3. Its some of the software installed with your Mobo, its a program you run in windows. Its perfectly safe, ignore anyones concerns with Software overclocking, its still not as precise as manual BIOS overclocking but ASUS has taken steps into making us overclocking enthusiasts obselete.

    Donny/Sheffield ere!
  4. Installing it now buddy

    Hope it doesn't crash and burnn..
  5. Post us the results, Im always curious about what the Auto-Tuner can do on those ASUS boards.
    Once I see it get an i5 2500k to 5.2ghz on air with Auto-Tuner I'll start having nightmares about having no purpose or direction in life, and then Ill go and burn the ASUS headquaters for good measure, and assert myself saviour of all Overclockers...
  6. heres the results .

    I also can't work out why cpu z keeps changing the core speed?

    It switches from 1600mhz to 4500mhz?



    heres teh speeedcaps(resullts)
  7. It will idle at 1600 mhz but when under load will clock to 4.4. That way it conserves power and doesn't put stress on your cpu until needed.
  8. Here's what I did to overclock my i5-2500K on a P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3:

    Download CPU-Z (monitor speed and voltage), RealTemp (monitor core temps) and Prime95 (CPU stress test):


    Visit this page:


    Scroll down to the post by "SimpleTech" and follow those exact instructions but replace the Turbo Ratio with 43 and initial CPU voltage at 1.31V.

    After tweaking in BIOS open all 3 programs and start the Prime 95 blend test.

    Leave that on for 1-2 hours (longer if you want) and watch the temperatures - I'd worry if it hit 75+C. Make sure you turn off sleep mode in Windows.

    Then, you basically repeat the process but each time, you reduce the voltage by 0.1V without changing the Turbo Ratio. Once you get a BSOD (I got mine within 15 mins of not having enough voltage), you revert to the last CPU voltage that Prime 95 ran stable for 1-2 hours.

    Then, you can run Prime 95 for a longer time (24 hours is not surprising) to confirm stability.
  9. damn waters .. nice rig
    mine is right now at 4.6Ghz on 1.3 vcore
  10. Heh. Thanks.

    You've got a formidable build yourself + a better chip. :)
  11. Just got bsod on 4.7. Should I try 1.325v?
  12. i recomend hw monitor overcore temp, coretemp is nice but ive had problems with it and i seen a few others have problems with it
  13. other than that i +1 everything on here
  14. You can also should check out overclock.net
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