BIOS settings are ignored???

I have a asus m2n-sli deluxe with an amd athlon 64 x2 5600+ and 4 gigs of 800MHz ddr2 sd ram. I set the jumperfree settings in BIOS for what my components are supposed to run at (3.0-3.5v cpu and 2.0-2.1v memory) but when I start windows and run cpu-z it shows my voltages as 1.8v for ram and 1.28v for the cpu. My temps are no problem, all below 40c, and I want to OC' a little bit but I think I need more voltage because my cpu won't run stable with a bus speed any higher than 200-205MHz and my ram has more potential, I know it does. I've already updated to the newest version of BIOS from asus and it still wont change anything. Am I doing something wrong? I read that I might need to set the cpu offset voltage so i have it at the only setting (offset 100mV) and it looks like that setting is ignored too. I'm at a loss and want to push my cpu a little more, any advice on this?

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  1. So are you saying you set the voltage to
    3.0-3.5v cpu and 2.0-2.1v memory
    but cpu-z shows your voltages at 1.28v cpu, and 1.8v ram?
    Also, how do you know it was your cpu that wasn't running stable at fsb 200-205? It could be your ram that wasn't stable.
  2. I don't know which it was, but cpu-z defiantly shows my voltages as 1.28 and 1.8. My RAM is 4x 1gb A-data 800 pc26400. This is the newegg link (it was pretty good stuff when I bought it 4 years ago :D

    Cpu-z shows the ram running at 400MHz for JEDEC #3 (whatever that means) JEDEC #2 and #1 show 266MHz and 200MHz respectively. If I'm not mistaken DDR2 is dual data rate so 400MHz x2 = 800MHz right? it also shows 5-5-18 which is what newegg says it should be. So its running like it should but why not at the voltage it is supposed to use? Newegg shows the voltage as 2.0-2.1v.

    From what I've read, most people have problems OC'ing this CPU. But most can get at least 3.0GHz, while I'm stuck at 2.8MHz... I'm not expecting a lot, but I figured I could get a little. I have so-so ram and a good cooler and what used to be a good mobo. I'm about to scrap this whole computer but I want to push it till I finish saving for a new one.
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