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Restarts during gaming...

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December 12, 2009 8:31:41 PM

Hi All,

Just last week, I started my 2nd home-built system. Primary purpose is gaming/3d animation rig. After putting it together, and trying to play Fallout 3, Sims 3 or even World in Conflict, the system automatically restarts after somewhere between 15-30mins. No slowdown in FPS, stuttering or anything like that, just playing the game and then a half a second of BSOD, then restart. Unfortunetly, upon restart, windows does not give any error message or seem to think there is a problem, and as i said, the BSOD is too fast for me to even read what it says. Now im asking for help in this forum section because ive been told by a friend that the problem is either most likely the PSU or the memory. So i am asking for help and people's opinion and experiences here.

Specs are :

CPU: Intel i5-750, 2.66GHz
Mobo: DP55WG LGA 1156 Intel P55 ATX
Memory: CORSAIR XMS3 6GB (3 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 (PC3 10666) Triple Channel
(Only using 4GB though)
PSU: Corsair TX 650w
GC: nVidia Geforce 8800 GT

1 LG Lightscribe DVD drive, 1 500GB HD running Windows XP Home

If any other or more specific info is required, please ask, and thank you for your help.

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December 12, 2009 8:57:27 PM

What are your gpu temps while playing?
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December 12, 2009 9:04:12 PM

A. Solve error messafe problem

1. Click on the Start button and then on Control Panel.

2. Choose System under the Control Panel heading in the list of results

3. In the task pane on the left, click the Advanced system settings link.

4. Locate the Startup and Recovery section near the bottom of the window and click on the Settings button.

5. In the Startup and Recovery window, locate and uncheck the check box next to Automatically restart.

6. Click OK in the Startup and Recovery window.

7. Click OK in the System Properties window.

8. You can now close the System window.

9. From now on, when a problem causes a BSOD or another major error that halts the system, Windows 7 will not force a reboot. You'll have to reboot manually when an error appears.

B. Download OCCT and run the bnechmarks one at a time.....if the system fails reboot and look in the OCCT folder...there will be a series of graphs tracking voltage , temperature and you can see if anything looks out or ordinary.

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December 12, 2009 11:17:29 PM

I had a friend with a similar problem. Upgrading his power supply fixed it. This could also be your PC overheating from the load placed on it by the games.
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December 12, 2009 11:39:24 PM

OP has a much better than average PSU, unless it is not working properly.
December 13, 2009 8:36:24 AM

So far, every time me / or my friends, have had a BSOD it has been caused by the RAM, you could run MemTest to check your ram for errors. ;) 
December 13, 2009 12:22:15 PM

If it's exclusively during heavy loads (gaming or benchmarking), it's almost always power (PSU) or heat related (typically CPU/GPU) ... bad memory will typically show up in general use (non-gaming applications crashing)

If you have poor airflow, move your computer to a cold room, open up your case and have a giant fan blowing air over it. That SHOULD eliminate heat as a potential problem. If that solved it, well... there you go. You got airflow issues to work through.

If that doesn't solve it, seriously consider a new PSU.
December 13, 2009 8:10:25 PM

OK, so...after listening to jacknaylor's suggestion of running OCCT, heres what we've got now...

1) After turning of "Auto-Restart" in system properties, games now simply freeze onscreen with audio playback still going. No BSOD, hard restart required, windows startup still thinking everythings ok.

2) OCCT Testing - Ran a GPU test first, completed without errors, temp topping out at 57 degrees every other minute.

3) Ran a CPU OCCT test next - FAILED, only lasted a minute. ERROR Detected on Core 3. Temps on 4 cores ran between 55 and 65.

4) Ran a CPU Lineback Test next - FAILED, lasted 1.5 mins. "CPU Too Hot!" Temps on 4 cores ran between 80 and 92 degrees. Thing about this is that it only lasted 1.5 mins until the program itself, FROZE.

Now, heres the thing about overheating - I am using the stock fan/sink that came with the processor. (Dumb i know, but i am just piecing this machine together now) The case i am using is a APEVIA X-Navigator ATXA8NW-AL/500 Silver / Black Aluminum ATX Full Tower, minus the old 500w PSU. Now if u newegg this thing, you see the case itself has 5 fans, 1 in front, 1 on the side, 2 in the back, and 1 on top. Now, i would THINK that that would be enough to keep things resonably cool, at least for the general air inside - but am i wrong with this?

In any case, now seeing these reports, i am assuming that the chip is bad and needs to be sent back, yes? So do i send just that back? Both the MOBO and chip back? PSU back? or a combination of things just to be sure?
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December 14, 2009 2:36:22 AM

Well did you look at the graphs ?

How stable was voltage ? If voltage is wavering all over the place, that's why your CPU maybe overheating.

Here's what I'd do next if your are comfy in BIOS

I dunno beans about the i5 but **If** it is like the i7.....

1. Learn how to restore all defaults .... make sure memory timings in BIOS match your RAM specs, if not fix.
2. Put CPU multiplier at lowest value
3. Put mem multiplier at 10 so mem speed is 1333
4. Run memtest4.0 overnight
5. If that works, it's likely not your memory....restore BIOS defaults

If that goes OK, I'd say your CPU heat sink install didn't go very well. Well I am thinking that anyway, but might a swell amke sure about memory. I'f you're gonna reseat it, might as well use an aftermarket one I figure. Megahalms Rev B is for 1156, is a top end performer and is very ez to install.

December 14, 2009 5:11:07 AM

Well Jack i WAS in the middle of writing you a reply, but then i received my first BSOD EVER during internet ops. Error read "Page_FAULT_IN_NON_PAGED_AREA", for whatever thats worth. Checked the bios immediately afterward, temp at 38c and the 12v was the only thing fluctuating at 12.3xx. Then after startup, my Kaspersky security said that 2 "programs?" (forget what they called it) 2 things IN Kaspersky could not be started. Clicked on the icon and then BSOD again. this time "IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL". After another startup, here i am....

As i was TRYING to say in my first message, after looking at the original tests graphs, i think something is up with the 12v. Heres the data:
GPU TEST - 3.3v @ 3.44 - solid through whole test
5v @ 1.3 - Solid through whole test
12v @ .8 <->1.3 - Dancing like CRAZY through the test.

LINEPACK - 3.3v @ 3.44 - Took 2 dips to 3.42
5v @ 1.3 - Solid through test
12v @ .8<->1.3 - Fluctuated a lot, but not nearly as bad as the GPU test.

CPU OCCT - 3.3v @ 3.44 - Solid
5v @ 1.3 - Solid
12v @ .8<->1.1 Fluctuating

Finally, I never touched bios during the very first startup, just loaded to check basic things and then ran with it. mem speed is already at 1333. So shouldnt everything already be at defaults?
December 15, 2009 4:48:04 PM

Ran Another set of tests, same basic results as first. I am going to try running memtest but i think im gonna return the PSU first. Anyone think the chip should be sent back as well? (Error on core 3 really worries me if its not heat related) Thanks to all who respond.
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December 16, 2009 7:39:58 PM

Am I reading that your 5v output is only 1.3 volts and your 12 volt output is less than a volt ? Do you have a multimeter to test this with ?
December 20, 2009 8:39:37 PM

JackNaylorPE said:
Am I reading that your 5v output is only 1.3 volts and your 12 volt output is less than a volt ? Do you have a multimeter to test this with ?

Sorry for the delay, ive been out of town.

Yes you are, and no I dont. Hopefully bringing this PSU back this week. Images below.

December 29, 2009 11:22:41 PM

Alright, so after getting a new PSU, OCCT reports the same voltage as before. The 5v is hovering around 1.29, the 12v around 1.0. No change. So what the F, gang, what do you all think?