Specific sff case requirements

Hi, i'm looking to build a new computer and am having a hard time finding the right case.

I want to squeeze water cooling into a sff case. I have three general requirements:

1. The case needs to have two 120mm fans right next to each other. I'm putting in a 240mm radiator. I don't care if it'll fit inside or only outside, i just need two right next to each other for this to work.

2. I need to fit a power supply that is 7" long inside.

3. It needs to look decent. I'm going from a cooler master cosmos s. No cheap stuff please

Thanks for the help
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  1. I dont know much about radiators so I'm not sure exactly the size/position you need.

    The CM 690 has two 120mm top fans right next to each other.

    The antec 1200 has 2 rear 120mm fans and 3 front 120mm fans.

    The HAF 932 has 230mm fans front/side/top.
  2. You might find this valuable. I got it from the watercooling sticky.
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