Razer Fake Promotion?

Recently came across this page,
which SHOULD give free shipping listed on the above countries when paying by paypal over $80. However after applying the code (it was successful but no changes what-so-ever is displayed after applying the code) the shipping cost still appears as $5 (currently flat rate until end of the year or free shipping within US), I even went through the purchase and still gets charged the extra $5USD (I know, pretty stupid).

I've sent queries to Razer but they have yet to response. I've also written on my paypal's note to merchant mentioning the problem, yet again no response so far. Quite disappointed at the service :(
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  1. I live in New Zealand, it's quite bizarre though, they offering the flat rate $5 until end of year for oversea shipping and also the above promotion i mentioned, but you can only pay with paypal if you're oversea any way, the offer kind of overlaps in a strange way...

    But yea, it'll cost up to $30~ originally, so $5 flat rate is actually not bad, just really annoyed that the code exist but doesnt work, and can't get any replies from them...

    EDIT: I've sent emails to their techsupport as oppose to their "chat" system on their site..., hopefully will get a definite answer from them this way

    EDIT2: I've move the thread over to the Deal section now, http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/99661-8-fake-razer-promotion, mods can lock/delete this one if necessary. Sorry about that
  2. Guys, looks like we messed up an update when we introduced the flat rate shipping for International orders. Please try it again. it should work now.


    Tom S
    The Razer Store

    Additional comment:
    @hcow just curious, where did you sent your inquiries to? for any Razer Store related questions, please email us at orders@razerzone.com
  3. I sent two using the "Chat" link at top right of the razerzone.com page and one through to techsupport@razerzone.com and also received a case number. Neither of them got me a reply yet, I'll be emailling the above address now. HOPEFULLY I'll get some replies this time.

    EDIT: jst got a reply from razer, will get a refund :)
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