EVGA P55 SLI 132-LF-E655-KR

My current comp setup might as well be dead it constantly locks up and crashes freezes when cpu Usage stays to high for to long and takes forever to do anything.

So i'm putting together a cheap comp with a core i7 and using the PSU and graphics card along with hard drives from my current one.

My question is related to the power supply and the motherboard I'm getting. The EVGA P55 SLI 132-LF-E655-KR has an 8 pin ATX power connector and the power supply that I have right now is only 4 pin. I know some of the asus ones also come with 8 pin but you have the option to use only 4 of them. Is that possible with this motherboard?

My second question is regarding the that my current power supply is only 400 watts would I be able to get away with that at least for the next few months?

The setup i'm going to build will be using
EVGA P55 SLI 132-LF-E655-KR
Intel Core i7-860 Lynnfield
2 gigs dual channel crucial ram
Nvidia 9800GT
3 Sata HDD
1 Samsung optic drive

I only have $550 dollars to spend at the moment But I want a core i7 cpu and need to know if 400 watt PSU would be enough at least for now because I fear my current rig is ready to die soon.
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  1. The wattage of the PSU is almost meaningless. If you give the model of it, we can give you a better idea.

    Even with a good quality 400w PSU, you'd be pushing it. There's no harm in trying your current PSU. Just be prepared because it may not boot.

    You could save some $$ by switching to ATI.
  2. It's an antec truepower 2.0

    so i was wrong 430 watts

    And what do you mean switching to ati? I already own that graphics card.
  3. I see, so you aren't purchasing a new 9800GT, you already have it?

    It's got 17amps on 2 12v rails. That's not bad. It's worth a shot to power your system. Antec is a very good brand.
  4. I Still don't know about the power supply matching the motherboard the motherboard has a 12v 8pin connector and the power supply only offers a 4 pin connector. Will 4 pins suffice? Also Ive changed the specs because I came across a little more money.

    Intel Core i7-930
    EVGA E758-A1
    G.SKILL 3GB (3 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR3
    Nvidia 9800GT
    3 Sata Hard drives.
    1 Optic Drive
    Antec truepower 2.0 430 watts
  5. The 4 pin CPU power will work fine.
  6. If you use the EVGA P55 you can save $ going to the Intel Xeon X3440 4 cores & HT for 8 core power & the Xeon X3440 1156 is less then the i7 1156
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