Is my CPU dead?

So i was on my computer playing games. I think i wasnt running as much as i usually do any my computer just crashed and doesnt start up. My computer specs (i dont know processor for sure)

4gb Ram (i know thats right)
285 nVidia GTX ( i know thats right)
AMD Quad Core Phenom 9950 (pretty sure thats right or something similiar)

When i start up my computer i have two lights that usually starts up a blue and red then the red disappears shortly. Now its only red and stays there. It never starts up. All my fans are working except my video card doesn't start up. The reason I dont think its my video card is because its fairly new and also It doesn't ever run at that how of a temp (usually around 50-55 peaks at 60) when playing more video intense games. Also my comp is off when im asleep or at class. Also whenever my video card has crashed i lose video but i still have audio and today it just seemed like someone unplugged my power.

Any help appreciated / Ill try to answer any questions about the problem asap.
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  1. Is there anything on your screen, such as the bios POST or is it completely blank the whole time?
    What power supply do you have? Perhaps there is not enough power to run, since you said the card was new.
  2. What PSU do you have?
  3. If you don't see anything at all on the monitor then it should be the video card even though you said you just bought it. Even without a CPU the BIOS on the motherboard should boot up and show something on your monitor. If your motherboard does have a built in graphics card try to disable/remove the Nvidia one and use the built in one to see if your monitor shows something. If it does work then it might be your PSU ask Enzo said or your video card...thats my advice idk how right it is :S
  4. The power supply is 600 or 650 watt. The one time my video card crashed i still had audio for a while but just lost video and also It doesnt get started at all. The video card doesnt load, i hear fans spin but the light on my tower stays red the whole time and its suppose to switch to blue when it starts up. Ill try to switch out video cards and see if it starts but i cant seem to get this gtx out (im not great with computers and dont want to break it). No BIOS or anything comes up my monitor doesnt even read that the PC was turned on

    edit: all the fans turn on except the video card fan does not
  5. Try the integrated graphics.
  6. yeah if the video card fan doesn't spin then the problem is probably from the video card...try switching your monitor to the integrated graphics if you can
  7. Start breadboarding to isolate the problem.
  8. Gasm said:
    . Even without a CPU the BIOS on the motherboard should boot up and show something on your monitor.

    No. You need a working CPU to pass the POST and boot.
  9. Even without a CPU the BIOS on the motherboard should boot up and show something on your monitor.

    Hmmm... I've not tried this before. But I want to know what kind of motherboard you've seen do this, reach the BIOS screen without a CPU?

    Maybe you meant without RAM DIMMs?

    What have you been smoking?
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