Power supply for MSI 865PE neo2

hey it;s not responding when i turn on my computer.. must be the power supply so what i did was i tried to exchange it with my broken old PC but it wont fit because power supply of my current comp is different.

now what i want is go to store without the burden of carrying a bulky sample.. now what do i tell the sells clerk if she ask me what's the model of the power supply i need for MSI 865PE neo2? what if she didnt know that model of mother board but she only know the power supply?
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  1. First although it is likely, your problem may not be the power supply.
    Our standard checklist and troubleshooting thread:

    Somewhere on the PSU is a label telling you how powerful the PSU is.

    Otherwise, we need more information. Computer specs? Commercial or home built? What kind of case?
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