SAPPHIRE Vapor-X 4890 or EVGA GeForce GTX 260?

I'm currently building a core i5 PC and I can't decide between a gtx 260 or sapphire vapor-x 4890. This is my first build and I have limited hardware experience. I won't be gaming HEAVILY on my PC, only MMO's like AION (maybe FF14)... and I'll be using photoshop and watching movies here and there. :) I wanted a gtx 260 at first but then I was referred a sapphire vapor-x 4890 so I'm unsure at the moment.

Here are the links to the cards:

EVGA GeForce GTX 260
I've noticed there's also a "superclocked" version of the GTX 260. I really have no clue what that means, only that it's more expensive. lol.

I want to know which card (of the 3) is the best value out of the bunch and will pack the most punch for the price (since I'm on a budget). oh yeah, and my resolution is 1680x1050+
I've been reading reviews about the gtx 260 and the main complaint is that it's DOA or dies after a few hours/days of use. There are a lot of positive reviews on it though so I guess it's based on luck whether you get a good video card or not.

Any help is greatly appreciated since I'm not really that knowledgable with GPU's! :D Thanks everyone!
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  1. The 4890 would be the better performer and I would go with that if possible. "Superclocked" just means that the cards are overclock past their factory specifications. This offers a bit more performance but it still wouldnt beat the 4890.
  2. There are cheaper versions of the GTX260:

    The 4890 is on par with the GTX275, so it would be 15-20% better than the GTX260 in most games and applications.
  3. The 4890 is definitely stronger and if they are the same price its a no-brainer

    but do you need to spend more on the 4890?

    Probably not with the games you want to play an your resolution
  4. The 4890 is worth the money...
    It is a stronger card and easily beats the 260.
    And at the reso you play it will perform well and also it will last a bit longer...

    Though the 260 will also fulfil your needs.

    Its upto you to decide which one to get.

    If you want it to last a bit longer then get the 4890 otherwise 260 will do the job.

    Regarding the "Dies after few days use issue"

    Thats because ppl who review the cards may not hve good quality power supplies.
    Frying the card with an el-cheapo is OBVIOUS.

    So also keep in mind that you use a good and sufficient PSU.
  5. Don't get either, get a HD5850. It's the new thing on the block.
  6. I agree, forget about the 4xxx series and get a 5850..... This way you wont have to upgrade the GPU in the long-run and you will be ready for DX11.....
  7. For that resolution really i think a 5850 is an overkill(for now) but ofcourse a very good future proof card.
  8. Yeah the 5850 would be a really great choice, but only if you feel like spending $60 more.
  9. Thanks for all of the help :) It's true that if I get a better card, it'll last me longer before I have to upgrade. Oh, I didn't know it was the PSU that gave people problems. I think I have a pretty hefty PSU so hopefully it won't happen to me.

    I know about the 5850. I'm not a heavy PC gamer so I don't think I'll need a card with DX11 anytime soon. Thanks for the suggestion though. :)
  10. Then grab the 4890 hands down. runs all the games at highest possible settings at 1600 resolution(except crysis and stalker)
  11. Well which PSU you have?
  12. Yeah, I've chosen the 4890. :)

    This is my PSU
  13. Your PSU is good enough...
    All the best for your card...
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