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I have a question regarding memory with the ASUS P6T Deluxe , I have searched numerous threads and posts but I am confused.

I have currently a Core i7 -920 @ stock speeds , I have a ASUS P6T deluxe , with 2GB (Single stick) of ram 1333mhz.

I hear about tripple channel memory - I understand about having 3 x 1gb 1066mhz ram - but what if I had a higher frequency? (I don't want to overclock).

I heard this motherboard would compensate for it ?
Also Will I see any benefits from going to tripple channel?

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  1. It would still work... The standard memory configuration for your MOBO is the triple channel... I can't tell you if the benenits would be though, but with mine, it did...
  2. SO that means I just slot the 3x1gb ram sticks into the slots and it will run at what frequency? Is it safe or will it damage my mobo?

    I am planning on getting theese :
  3. The 920's stock memory setting will have the TR3X3G1333C9 at 1066 .... it is rated for 1333 however. You can either change the memory multiplier to 10 in your BIOS to get 1333 or set your BCLK to 167 to get 3.3 GHz CPU speed and 1333 memory speed 9at default mem multiplier of 8)
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