Another X-Fi problem (mode switch = system crash)

I've got an X-fi Fatal1ty Titanium that I use for gaming and music production. I often switch modes to get good 3D sound while playing games and low latency ASIO while producing music. After awhile, trying to switch modes will freeze my system. I then have to hard reset. Once this occurs, I won't be able to switch modes again until I reinstall the drivers. I also use driver sweeper when I reinstall. Then, things will be fine again for awhile, usually about a week. Then I get to reinstall again. I've tried different versions of the drivers to no avail.

I've searched around and haven't found anyone with this specific issue, although this card seems problematic in many different ways for many different people. I was just curious if anyone else has had this specific problem, and if so, if anyone might have a solution.
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  1. This on what version of Windows? I assume you're using the correct drivers?
  2. ^^ Correct drivers? From Creative? [/sarcasm?]

    Seriously, which OS are you using?
  3. Download the latest software from Creative website. Make sure you remove/un-install all creative software in your PC. Then install the new one.

    I had my XFI titanium for more than a year and never had issues with it. I run on Vista-64.

    Also make sure you don't have conflicting internal/on-board sound card from your motherboard. You need to disable that in bios.

    List down the specs of your machine. In that way you can get better/focus responses from this forum
  4. I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate, and I've tried both new and old sound drivers with the same issue.

    Mobo: EVGA 790i Ultra
    Processor: Q6600 @3.2 Ghz (OC stress tested and fine. I still get the same issue at stock speeds, however. I knew someone would blame the OC so I tried default clocks and voltages to no avail.)
    GFX: 2 GTX 260's in SLI
    Mem: 4Gig DDR3 @1600
    Storage: 2 500G HDD's in Raid0 config

    Aside from the processor, I realize it's a fairly advanced config and I'm wondering if it's the fact that when you use high-end parts together you sometimes find uncommon bugs (ie sound doesn't work in Crysis with SLI enabled which I live with.)

    I think I'm ready to chalk it up to either some kind of intermittent hardware bug within a device (maybe a production issue with my particular card) or a bug that is brought out by interaction of devices (I figure my particular config is a little uncommon and relatively untested.)

    I'm thinking there won't be a simple answer and my only bet will be more troubleshooting on my end. I could try disabling some hardware such as SLI and wait to see if I get the same problem, but its intermittant nature could make it a time consuming process.

    I was sortof hoping this was a known issue to someone. I guess most likely I'll have to live with periodically reinstalling the drivers. Thanks for the responses.
  5. BTW 7 Ultimate 64 bit
  6. You may want to consider trying Daniel_K's drivers ( and see if it makes a difference. It's possible it won't but the "official" Creative drivers are pretty bad...
  7. Just make sure you can recover your PC to a state before you installed the drivers, before trying out new ones!

    Speaking of Creative and it's drivers, anyone remember this?
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