Q9550 on gigabyte mobo wont reboot

This is not so much a question as an answer - I saw (here I think )to lower the power to the precessor -all the way down to 1.8 . I did so and WO ! I now have ZIP problems -even after taking the FSB to 3g :-)
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  1. What?
  2. I have put in a comment in a way .. sort of as a question ... ha ha - confused yet ?? . NOW .. For around 15 months I have had a Q9550 Intel CPU running on a Gigabyte Mobo . NOW- It makes no difference .. or so it seems which board you are using as it is the CPU that is giving you all the grief . When I read the comment from Someguy I just started thinking .. :pt1cable: He said WHAT !.. then as I had tried Sooo many other REALLY clever things .. well.. ?? why not do it ?? .. WOW -it is the magic bullet and I now can clock that Q9550 to my needs ( just 3.2ghz ) and run 4 G DDR3 Ram with no startup or reboot problems . A word of caution - do not get carried away as it will go back to the bad old ways . I run XP Pro because I have tried Win7 Ultra and found that tho it IS fast it is also so far ahead of the attending programs that I shall wait ( sadly ) till everyone catches up with this great program. I thank Toms Hardware for being the only place that lets so called techs like me to find some help - HEY .. its lonely out here :) . Cheers - Perry
  3. someguy7 said:

    Hey man - I am very new to this site . I DO want to thank you for that short and to the point advice that NO one else had either found or put out on the net . I also would luv to know how the heck you worked it out ?
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