My Nvidia Geforce 6200 overheat

My Nvidia Geforce 6200 Agp card got hard from dogs in the fan and when i was playing (Didnt know about hair) the game froze, so i restarted and played again for a couple of minutes and boom froze again. I touched the graphics card and it was very hot.So i switched the pc off immediatly and removed the card and cleaned the fan i put it back in but now the monitor flickers on and off constantly and when it stops i try opening a game and it runs for like 3 seconds then restarts the pc. I tried reinstalling the pc and downloading drivers for the card but still doing same thing. I took it to an electronics expert to ask him if its damaged by the overheating and he said no because the board would have changed a different colour(Back of processor chip) .Please if anyone can help i would really appreciate it . ;) Thanx a mill
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  1. Did u use a anti static strap? if not u might off damaged it with static
    the only other thing u can do is borrow a friends 1 and try that in your pc if it works then your card is dead, if not then we have to look at the monitor or motherboard
  2. The static thing is hilarious. its good to at least touch the case, and if the power cord is in a grounded outlet and still plugged in the psu that will discharge into the house ground. Ive installed hundreds of cards in and out and never hurt one with static. The swapping for an A-B test is right on though. Good luck
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