Need help choosing a SSD (wildfire vs Chronos)

Ok so I have been reading through many of the the topics here to find the right SSD and I have come down to 2 choices

My motherboard is ASUS M4A89GTD PRO (w/ SATA 6GB/s support)

The choices I have come up with

1. Patriot Wildfire

2. Mushkin Enhanced Chronos Deluxe

I found two of these, and am not sure what is the difference between them because they both look the same to me, except the price:|20-226-225^20-226-225-TS%2C20-226-236^20-226-236-01%23
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    I would lean toward the Patriot, as I'm more familiar with their SSD's over Mushkin. Cost wise, the Mushkin is hard to beat at around $200.

    The main difference I'm seeing is this statement: "SandForce SF-2281 SSD processor with unthrottled - IOPS firmware". SandForce SSD's are known to have a built-in throttle control to protect the drive when hammered with heavy writes. What I'm seeing is the Deluxe version has this process turned off, so you in theory can hammer it with benchmarks and not lose performance. The downside is you can very quickly decrease the life of the drive by running heavy writes (think benchmarking). In the standard day to day use, there shouldn't be a difference in performance.
  2. I think some of this "IOP's firmware" hype is being misconstrued in some ways. I very much doubt that the drive is unthrottled completely(no Durawrite) and is more like "burst IOPS" rather than sustained performance. More advertising hype to wade through it seems.

    Been wrong at least twice before though so time/testing will tell. lol
  3. Thanks for your input guys, I ordered the Wildfire. I hope I made the right choice because CNET did say that the drive is slower than other drives.

    Would M4 have been a better choice?
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  5. I'd recommend the Patriot Wildfire. Technical reviews are very favorable.

    Mushkin ssd's are brand new. So far have only found one review which was actually a round-up of SATA III 6Gb/s ssd's. I don't have them listed in the ssd database either:
  6. I'd wait until they get enough user feedback to determine if it is a reliable product or not. There are a lot of SSD's that get good reviews strictly because of their speed but suffer very high failure rates. Intel and Crucial have gotten average reliability ratings higher than the others, but even they can have glitches.
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