Failed laptop, and corrupt raid drives.

I seem to have been hit with multiple failures on my Alienware laptop recently, and wonder if anyone can suggest a way to get the data recovered from my drives. The computer is completely non functional as I believe the video cards have overheated. I took the computer to a local shop to have them copy any files off the hard drives, and they responded that one of the drives is corrupt, and the other has multiple bad sectors.

I've done some research online, and seen some of the software that claims to be able to recover these types of drive disasters. I've also heard from drive recovery places that those software solutions just won't work, and may make data recovery impossible. If anyone has any insight, or experience with either of these solutions, or has another suggestion I'll take any help I can get. At the moment I'm at a complete loss for where to go from here.

Tim Mahussier
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  1. How is configured your RAID? 0, 1?
  2. Raid 0.
  3. it's very difficult anithing to help you on raid 0. you may try any of the softwares which you may hear about, but they realy will hardly do anything. the only thing - you should allways make restoration on another drive and never allow the software to do anything on the corrupted drives. as long as the software do not write anything on the corrupted drives it will not destroy them and you may try with as many tools as you like. for your safety you may lock the corrupted drives to ensure nothing will be written there.
    once I found a very silly and stupid program that helped in at least a little in a situation with corrupted drive and lost data after any other software failed - its name were something with "angel" in it /yes, angel, realy/ it was very stupid looking but it helped to retrieve most important files, although the procedure was some how complicated and files was pulled out one by one /it was some time ago, don't remember much/.
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