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Updating new re-install of XP sp2, need updates FREE

Last response: in Windows XP
March 3, 2012 11:43:05 PM

I just reloaded Win XP Pro 32 bit w/ the original purchased CD(key and such)on an old computer on which it was previously installed but I had to re-activate the XP OS for some reason. Can I find d/l's for SP3 and other updates without being led down blind alleys by sites which want me to d/l anything but software which I don't want or need at the moment?
March 4, 2012 2:01:04 AM

It's on the MS site, here. It says it is for IT Developers, but it is the package you seek.
March 4, 2012 9:57:11 AM

I got a popup from MSFT to re-register my XP, so I clicked on it and got the sp3 d/l'ed automatically. I guess it took a while after activation yesteday to see if my OS and license were legit. Now I am currently d/ling 60 or so update files for XP and will see if that improves things.
Was having a problem just getting the XP activated. I have 2 other computers on a DSL modem with a wired 4 port router connecting them but they are in the same room so I could use short CAT cables to connect. I set up the de-mothballed XP comp. in a diffwerent room and tried to move my DSL modem and phone splitter into that room to connect to the internet and activate, but fo rsome reason the modem refused to work with the phone jack in that room. So, I get 75' of CAT5 and thru several hours of manipulation finally get a connect to the net thru my 4 port modem.
I know this is a long story. Bear with me.
I can now log into the net on all 3 machines but on the XP machine if I try to access other sites I usually get an exiting from SSL message, continue, blah, blah. Yes I say but it won't continue and Explorer stops responding. Hoping the updates take care of that.
March 4, 2012 11:27:10 PM

I hope so too.

I just had to do a repair install on my daughter's system - SP3 and >100 updates, including the .NET series! And my XP is acting very strange, so a clean install is in my future!