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Hi I recently built my computer it is a 1090t be with arctic cooling 13 on a crosshair iv formula mobo I have 8gb of rig jaws x memory and xfx 6870 . I have a 1 tb hd also a 800w corsair psu this is all in a haf 912 plus case. Firstly let me know what you think of this rig for gaming it cost me 650 to750 pounds I use it for gaming play most games on high settings easily with 60 fps constant haven't really tried ultra. I am a real big overclocking noob it is currently at 3.72 ghz pre configured oc but I whant to know what is the best oc I can get and also the settings for it please !!!
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  1. I don’t think anyone can pick faults in it. It’s certainly a nice set up you have going there! In fact; nice enough to make me wonder what over clocking might achieve. I don’t think your games will play at a higher setting than those set by the game. All you will do really is reduce of the lifespan of your components.
  2. fou gaming only 980 is little better then 1090
    for overclock see here
    and here is the origin these results
  3. A question for you. Did the CPU run fine from the beginning? No BIOS flash needed? My m8 are going for the same motherboard and cpu setup so.....
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