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i just bought an extra pair of ram to increase my current ram to 4gb.
my previous pair was
corsair pc6400 (5-5-5-18) @1.8v
and the new one is
kingston pc6400 (5-5-5-15) @ 2.0v .
Now since i have upgraded i had BSOD on a few occasions. I been using corsair but never had a BSOD before also i tried running Kingston on its own for a while but didnt encounter any BSOD either.
So i checked in the bios and both modules are running at 1.8v i think its something to do with the difference in voltage as kingston is being under powered .02v. If i go ahead and change it to 2.0v in bios will that have any negative effect on the corsair.
I will also try running memtest later on during the day and post it here.

here are my specs

E8400 CPU
680i SLI Mobo
SB Audigy
Corsair 650W PSU
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  1. You cannot run ram that have two different voltages it will be very unstable no matter what. Also overvolting your ram will have a very bad result besides stability issues you can easily burn out your ram. Its OK to run two different brands of memory but they HAVE TO BE same VOLTS otherwise major instability will be the result.
  2. so setting vram to 2.0 can fry my memory stick. ?
  3. Yes there is a good chance it will fry not right away but it will i would say maybe a month of use overvolted and it will start showing problems 2 months and it just will stop working its not a good idea at all.
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