Advice on P5B Deluxe Purchase

My current system is:
CPU P4 3.4ghz
MB Asus P4C-E Deluxe
Mem 2gb ddr
Vid ATI 4670 1gig ddr3

A friend of mine has a P5B deluxe motherboard, P4 processor (not sure what speed), Vid card (4700 series, I believe), hard drive and I think 1 gig of memory ( I would want 4 gig).

What processor, Vid card, and memory can I upgrade this board to and be able to play L4D2, DOD:S, Race On, COD2 at 1900 or lower with good framerates? Is this even possible or probable?

I can probably get this board, proc, hd, and vid card for a decent price but what are the minimum components I will need to be able to play the above games with good framerates? I am assuming at least some of the components that will come with it are not enough to play these games well.
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  1. It will be just about impossible to play those games with any sort of good frame rate on a socket 478 pentium i would not advise buying those parts and if you do they worth about 30 bux. With the exception of the video card is an OK card but still not worth that much you can get a 4670 brand new for 50
  2. The P5B is a socket 775 motherboard with DDR 2 memory and PCI 16X video. I was confused by the P4 processor myself, but apparently they made them in 775 socket configs also.

    Like I said though, I know I may have to upgrade some of the components, what I am trying to do is build a cheap rig to get me another 2 years or so before a new rebuild.
  3. O I was looking at your motherboard sorry. Well that is still a very old board it has a 965 chipset so no chance of putting a 45nm core 2 duo in it but with a decent 65nm core 2 in it wou should have no problems playing those games. The pentium 4 isnt likely gonna give you much performance for gameing no matter what it is but it could work so i still wouldnt pay much more then 50 for the setup.
  4. Actually, I did a little research on the Asus website and it looks like, with the latest bios update it does support the latest 45nm core cpu's.

    This board is looking more like a good deal unless I'm missing something.
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