Watercooling advice on corei5 system

want to build a watercooling solution on an intel corei5-750 system but i do not know where to start! there are so many brands and parts,i am just confused.im a novice to w/c however i know just little in theory about the basics like radiators which comes in sizes of 120,240,360,460mm,resorvoir's,pumps,barbs,tubes,CPU & GPU blocks,fittings,fluids and so on.

my pc components will consist of:
CPU:intel corei5-750, GPU: Nvidia Quadro fx3450 Motherboard:Asus socket 1156 RAM:Corsair Dominator GT 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 PC3-16000C8 2000MHz Dual Channel Kit (CMG4GX3M2A2000C8) Case: Coolermaster RC1100 cosmos s PSU: Nexus 500W and a blue ray dvd rw/rom.

i want the best brands my money could buy.i am focusing on keeping my overall setup as quiet as possible (virtually quiet if possible) with the least amount of power consumption.also want to have a bay at front of case to quiten all the fans,keep an eye on temp,alarm if temp rises.

i have little experience with building a pc together however with the new components i will purchase,i need to seek a professional who will build it for me together with the w/c system as i have never installed wc before..

i am not a gamer.i mainly use my pc for web online games,multi-tasking like msn,yahoo,skype etc.but i will get into some pc gaming and possbily overclock my system

i want to mainly watercool my CPU and GPU.my nvidia quadro fx card was brought for the purpose of my study in university for 3d digital animation.i graduated but now will replace that card in future with top high end GPU like nvidia gtx 280+ above.

im stuck with which watercooling components to buy! reservoir,pump,radiator,fittings,barbs,blocks and so on.remembering that money isnt an issue here.i want the best (silent) excellent performance to keep all my components low temp!,

i have only few ideas in mind for Tubing: Tygon 7/16" (R3603) Tubing (Thick Walled) Barb:1/2" hose tail? so many dont know which. CPU block:EK Supreme LT CPU Waterblock for Intel 775, 1156 & 1366 : Plexi GPU block: don't know for my quadro fx card. Pump: need advice as to which top brand quality which runs most silent,excellent water? flow etc Resorvoir: need advice! Radiator: need advice.don't know which brand and size.further advice needed. Fittings: advice needed Fluid: need more advice as to make my own or purchase already made.ones that decrease the chance of corrision? and any other missing parts not mentioned need advice on.i do not also know anything about maintenance for these w/c parts,how often to maintain.

i live in the UK.professional advice as to buy top brands and bring altogether ready to assemble by a professional as im scared i cannot do it on my own and high possibity of leakage may occur because i have no knowledge whatsoever.im such a noob! lol.

any suggestions please? very much appreciate your valuable time. :sol:
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  1. http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/253958-29-watercooling-guide

    Read through that.

    If you have never built a system before you may want to steer clear of water cooling for now, a good water cooling system for the CPU and GPU will add an extra $300-500 onto the build price, personally i dont consider the small amount of noise my system makes worth 500 to reduce a bit. Also consider that you still have fans on the radiator so it wont be silent, depending on the setup it may even turn out louder than a normal system.

    For a quiet system, get a case with large fans like the HAF 932, large fans move the same amount of air while spinning at slower speeds so they make less noise, get a high efficiency(80+ certified) PSU with a large 140mm fan on the bottom to intake air from the case such as the one on a corsair 550VX, it may not even have to spin a lot of the time.

    I suggest you get the system you want built first, and if its too noisy then you can consider water cooling but if you pick your parts properly a system can be incredibly quiet.
  2. Quote:
    Also consider that you still have fans on the radiator so it wont be silent, depending on the setup it may even turn out louder than a normal system

    thanks for your input.i will wait for others as well but in the meantime,even if the fans on radiator turned down to lowest rpm still a little loud? like you said depending on the setup.i have arctic rev cooler on my quadro at the moment so perhaps if i just w/c my intel corei5 CPU,with dual quiet/stealth radiator 240mm with least amount of noise coupled with low noise resorvoir and pump with cosmos s r1100 case and top x2 1200 rpm (17dba) silent fans lowest settings and one rear (exhaust?) 800rpm.wonder how this setup will be like

    For a quiet system, get a case with large fans like the HAF 932, large fans move the same amount of air while spinning at slower speeds so they make less noise, get a high efficiency(80+ certified) PSU with a large 140mm fan on the bottom to intake air from the case such as the one on a corsair 550VX, it may not even have to spin a lot of the time

    i have the nexus 500W which is quiet and im happy with it.u think it may need it replaced? it has a large fan on it and since the PSU will go under the case should do the trick to cool components from below. what you think of the Silverstone Tower Fortress Black with Window : FT01B-W case with the Corsair Hydro H50 all fans replaced with silent ones? remembering that i will continually run my pc for 12 hours continually and possibly now start playing games like left for dead,world of warcraft (high Intense CPU). might have overheating issues. and im afraid the V8 air CPU cooler wont do the trick and high chance of crashing.

    i might end up upgrading to watercooling which may lead me to change the case and few fans on it.as a result will cost me more.will make me think should have brought w/c before..

    so you suggest i go with the HAF 933 and totally skip on the w/c system? or at least for now? what about CPU cooler? which one i should go with? i seen a video somewhere on youtube, a guy tested 2 systems one with the Corsair Hydro H50 CPU liquid cooler and other with i think V8 cpu cooler.the one with V8 crashed after just few hours,a blue screen and the corsair Hydro H50 still continued the prime95 test the next day!..just don't want to end up my crashing while im playing game and end up with a blue screen because of air cooled V8 cooler or some other cpu coolers.i chose w/c because it may keep my temps low enough to not damage my cpu.and considering intel corei5 is a high end cpu..it can heat up .you know the rest i suppose.
  3. just came to mind,if i choose to use the corsair hydro h50 cpu cooler in the haf 932 case,it's going to exhaust the air out rather than keeping the cold air in.i heard the corsair hydro h50 performs best when trying to keep the air in the case rather than keep it out. so 2 fans may be needed for (pull and push?) so i.e one fan mounted at the back of case to force to go in on the radiator,radiator for corsair hydro h50 pinned down rear case and another fan mounted on top to pull air inside the case.

    if i go for this option rather than just cool off my cpu with w/c, and overclock my computer,i think i might get high temp rise.maybe corsair hydro h50 will go best with the case coolermaster R1100 cosmos s rather than the silverstone tower fortress FT01B or the haf 933 because they are designed to keep the air out rather than inside.
  4. corsair h50 really isn't worth it, a good air cooler works as good (for less) and will be about the same noise level, also that video was by corsair and bias, ie they installed the air cooler wrong, they should have had the output of the air cooler towards the back

    about air in case, it isn't about keeping it in ot out, its about airflow, ie how much can you push through the system, the more airflow, the better the temps (though you have to make sure you have no dead spots)
  5. ok skip on the corsair hydro h50.would u suggest to just w/c the cpu or advice as to the best socket 1156 air cooler? any particular good brand? price isn't an issue for me as i will use this newly built (not yet) system on a long term basis.

    yes im familiar with airflow and pushing it out so this is why the "Silverstone Tower Fortress Black with Window FT01B-W case" came 2 mind 4 your advice based on real tests. and of course the higher the air flow=higher rpm=keeps temp low=NOISE!.

    so as a conclusion,what best case and cooler will meet my needs in terms of silence and less power consumption? haf 932 with its fans and a suggested best air cpu cooler? coolermaster cosmos s r1100 option? or fortress FT01B tower?

    i have AMD athlon 64 x2 dual core 4800+ (2.4GHZ) with thermaltake blue orb 17dba on lowest setting,arctic silver thermal paste on cpu, arctic rev gpu cooler on my nvidia quadro fx 3450 GPU and one bottom nexus fan inside my nexus huge case.despite this kind of airflow,occasionally it crashes with blue screen despite i removed the window.and sometimes my pc restarts.just when im doing something important! so annoying! so my point is i want to keep the silence as close to this or at least near with my new system build without the worry of my pc crashing,blue screen and restarting etc. one last thing,i guess having a front multifunction bay to have total control for fan speeds,temp and alarm notification would help keep my system quieter by reducing the voltage or fan rpm speed and increase it only when i need to while playing a game?

    im off to sleep will check this thread 2mrw.thanks for your advice .but i guess i need more input from other experienced users to give it a final conclusion and start building my pc.
  6. Read this article series.
    Cooling capability is closely tied to fan CFM which is closely tied to noise. Liquid cooling is not inherently better than air, its more a function of radiator size and fan CFM. Liquid cooling with low air speed will require a larger radiator.
  7. SNSHATCHER,first off thank you for sending me the link.i read through it and it seems just about mixed opinions on w/c vs high end air cooling. yes fan CFM,so in this case high end coolers blow out much more air=NOISE.this is my major concern.you see,i want my machine to be as quiet as possbile.so i was adviced for a HAF 932 case.i reviewed that on youtube video.it does appear to be noisy despite with 900 rpm? 230 case fans.couple that together with a "high end" cpu cooler (which i have absolutely no idea which one to go for my corei5-750 cpu) it's going to end up more noisier.

    it's a shame the coolermaster Haf 933 which was adviced for me for its quietness,doesn't also have dust filters.so all that air being sucked in from front of case is going to build up some dust inside it. i have other cases in mind. the "Silverstone Tower Fortress Black with Window : FT01B-W case" and the "coolermaster R1100 Cosmos S to keep my components cool and mostly importantly QUIET.

    i still somehow have in mind to go for watercooling at least for my cpu with quad radiator+ all other components that go with it like pumps,resorvior etc. but what are your professional advice on this matter? should i go for one of these cases "HAF 932", "cosmos s r100", "silverstone FT01B" with perhaps say coolermaster V8/V10 air cooler and reduce the the rpm speeds or with the chosen case together with a watercooling high quality components for the intel corei5-750 cpu?

    remembering that i value noise reduction and stability than overclocking my cpu. although i will use my system to play pc games say for few hours 7-10 hours a day.

    if i go for the air cooling and turn down the rpm speeds even lower,the system is going to become unstable with high raise in temps whereas a watercooling for cpu (least for now) would keep it much lower and much quieter.
  8. sorry DNDHATCHER typing error and spelt your nickname wrong here lol.
  9. core4less said:
    sorry DNDHATCHER typing error and spelt your nickname wrong here lol.

    :lol: no worries.

    Unfortunately I cant give you a professional opinion on liquid cooling as I have only ever done an air cooling. I haven't run into any situation that I felt warranted it and now that I have a couple kids in the house I wont likely soon. The only things I know about liquid cooling are from reading reviews and case mod stories.
  10. my vision is to own silent case perhaps with the cosmos s r1100,low rpm case fans,high quality CPU watercooling parts like triple/quad radiator+low rpm fans,resorvoir,pump fittings etc,my nvidia quadro fx 3450 silent air cooler for now (have arctic rev) and finally a 5.25 drive bay where it controls almost all the case fan spees/voltage,temp alarm etc. i do not know if this is unrealistic or just my visualization where it can be possible..
  11. lol ok DNDHATCHER.i do value your time.in this case based on your experience when it comes to air cooling, which high brand best silent top air cooler u would recommend to go with the intel corei5-750 cpu and case? =}
  12. it appears my thread isn't that active so that more experienced users put in their inputs based on ..well.again their experiences =}
  13. There is a separate "coolers and heatsinks" forum you may have better luck in. I would guess that even amongst people who build their own PCs, less than 1% use liquid cooling.

    I might get in trouble for suggesting this, but you also might look at more extreme overclocking sits like overclock.net. They have a separate water cooling and liquid nitrogen forums.
  14. in that case,i have to find a thread where i could find the air cooler i need and one that meets my requirements.as well as the case.thanks for your time.although i am still considering to watercool my cpu only but need to choose the right brands and components.this is are where i still need professional advice on.like best radiator,pump,resorvoir,best cpu block etc.

    guess it's hard being a parent.i don't know what i would do if i had kids at this stage of my life (im still young hehe) wish you could plug in their mouths and turn down the voice rpm speed because of the amount of noise they make! lol :P
  15. This is one of the most recent frosty tech reviews so it has one of the most complete charts

    If you can find an akasa nero it will be the quietest option using the stock fan that still performs good, if you cant, a scythe mugen or mugen II is fairly easy to find and will be relatively quiet at high speed. For reference, 30 dB is a calm room and 40dB is a normal conversation at about 3 feet away. Try to get one that is below 40 or not much above 40 dB
  16. i am more in the favour of 17 to 19 dba max.and 30-40 dba is definitely something i would never ever consider to even buy even if it was the world's best cpu cooler! lol.but thanks anways.i will look at the link you have sent to me.in the meantime im checking out the "Arctic Cooling Freezer Xtreme Rev.2 High Performance Quiet CPU Cooler" and "Scythe Kama Angle Ultra Quiet CPU Cooler" which they both seem to run considerably quiet and not that expensive in the UK. Arctic one is £29.99 ($), scyth is £32.99 ($47).i think either one meets my requirements in terms of noise .but i need to see more reviews on both these air cpu coolers for my intel corei5 system.
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