Asrock extreme3 w/ 2500k overclock problem

Any suggestions? I set my overclock settings in the bios and when I boot into windows and run cpu-z it running at 3.3ghz (even with a stress test).

I can list my settings if needed, but I was wondering if someone knew perhaps something easy right off the bat that I was overlooking.
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  1. Oh yea, I should mention that when I return to the bios, it reads on the first tab like the OC is working. Im starting at 40x to keep it simple.
  2. Ok, so it looks like I had some older version of cpu-z that for some reason didnt read correctly.

    So so far so good.
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    haha glad that you found out what the problem was.

    I have an Asrock Extreme3 Gen3 coupled with a 2500k @ 4.5ghz right. So, we are running a similar setup.
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