Asus p5b e plus starts the boot but restarts after 1 sec

I have a asus p5b e plus with a E4500 Core 2 Duo processor and 1 gb ram installed it runs fine on my pc with windows 7 installed on a sata 2 disk . But when i connect it to a IDE disk it recognizes everything but after the 1 second when i put run windows normally (windows XP professional) it reboots after 1 second Is It From The IDE connections??
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  1. Was the windows on that hard drive originally on that motherboard if it isn't you cant just transfer a hard drive to a new system and expect it to run the windows on that drive. If you change a motherboard you have to clean install windows because it will not recognize the new hardware ant it wont boot.
  2. no it was not it was on an old model thanks for the awnser and i will try to install a new copy
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