Evga gtx 260 crashes during game startup

I just got a evga gtx 260 core 216 installed into my system and everything works great until I try to play a game (cod4 & wow) then it crashes and reboots. System worked with no problems when I put the old card back in. I reloaded drivers and have even did a complete reformat of the harddrive. Anyone got any ideas PSU: new Corsair 750. Mobo: Asus A8n32-sli deluxe CPU: Amd 4000 . Ram: 3gb of DDR400 HD: 80 Gb Raptor 10krpm OS: XP
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  1. Forgot to add

    voltage on PSU is 11.9
    Temps. are in the 40's on the hardware (cpu, Mobo & 260)
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