Need Varification

I have no video and no beep from a new system build.

Everything I used to build the PC is brand new.

It turns on and all the case fans spin, the CPU fan spins, the hard drive spins and the DVD rom drive opens and closes.

I have a PCI video card and when I put it in another PC it works fine.

I am leaning towards the Mobo being DOA, but I need a way to verify it.

I have tried unhooking evrything except the cpu fan and video card, but still nothing. Tried one stick of RAM and nothing.

Any expertise would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. No. 2

    Works like a charm!
  2. Best answer
    bluepan said:
    No. 2

    Works like a charm!

    Good deal! :) Short Stuff ...knew is "stuff" when he made that post. :D
  3. Yes he did! Saved me from almost having to RMA my Mobo.
    I printed it out and hung it on my bulletin board.

    Thanks again.
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