USB audio devices utilizing add-on sound card's?

I have an HT omega striker, used it conjunction with a [analong] senheisser pc165 I think it was, worked well.

There is this Logitech Z cinema 2.1 system, I was wondering does it use it's own built in sound card, onboard drivers are not enabled for my motherboard, so will it work with my ht omega striker or no?

Is it possible to force it to use the sound card in windows 7?
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  2. Yes, your Logitech USB speakers have their own audio decoder and completely avoid the soundcard(s).
    It looks like there only Vista Drivers for it, hopefully they work in 7.

    In Vista all you need to do to switch between outputs is to go into the Sound control panel and select it as the default device, should be pretty similar in 7.
    I do this in Vista for switching between an old X-Fi (surround speakers) and a Xonar Essence STX (K701's), works like a charm.
    A shortcut on your desktop will speed up the process...
  3. Is there anybody who is using windows 7 right now, who can walk me through the options, b/c Ic annot find any option to force the logitech z cinema sepakers to use my ht omega striker sound card.

    BTW thank you outlw6669, I pretty much knew that but I really need soem specific information here. I searched through every possible tab and option and could not find it. Thank you.
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