What graphicd would be good for me?

My old computer crashed on me, really old, still used AGP with a Nvidia 7800 GS, 3 ghz pentium 4, and 2 gb ram and i just bought a new computer from dell.

Core 2 Quad q9400 6mb L@, 2.66ghz
4gb Ram at 800mhz
Intergrated Intel GMA 3100 Graphics
300 W power supply i beleive

I will be running windows 7 when it comes out 64 bit.

So i was wondering what graphics card i could get that would run my older games: My higest end ones are Half Life 2 and Doom 3, at high or near high settings?
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  1. I believe that 300W psu is not enough to run any decent cards out there. U can run 4650 with that psu but that is a low end card and i strongly suggest u not to buy those low end card. As u got pretty decent pc out there i suggest u to grab atleast a 550W good branded psu like corsair or antec or enermax etc... and then grab a 5850. I dont know what monitor u r running so its really very difficult to suggest u a card becoz resolution matters a lot while choosing a graphics card so tell about the resolution u r gaming at. but as u r planning to switch to windows 7 so i m recommending u to grab a dx11 cards although a dx10 cards can run those dx11 games but u may want to crank up every single details with ur new pc :D thats what we all want when we grab new gears :D.. and ofcourse some future proofing. 5850 is enthusiast card. If u dont have the money u can wait for a 5770 to come out. But if u determine that u dont need those new dx11 features then u can grab a 4870/4890 according to ur budget which will be pretty fine and can play all the mentioned game at even 30inch monitor with the highest possible settings.
  2. Get a HD4670 which will run fine on a 300w power supply and gives decent performance with older games. It only uses about 60 watts of power, doesn't need a connector from your power supply (the PCIe x16 socket delivers the power it needs) and costs about $65

    There are also some low powered 9600GT or 9800GT that may be an option. To get a more powerful card then those would require a new power supply.
  3. dont go with a 4670 unless u dont game that much and only want to play older games like those. really believe me u wont be satisfied every thing in ur pc is cool. just for one graphics card u wont be running games at a good settings. Here is what i recommend u :

    GFX: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102824

    PSU: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817341016

    Total $140 after rebates. U cant beat the price/performance ratio.

    But if u r gaming at a lower res monitor like 17 or 19inch then grab a 9600gso: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814121320

    Only $40 after rebate for the card + $50 for psu.

    But anyhow i recommend u get a new psu for ur pc so u can be pretty much relief that ur pc wont be broken when u add some new parts. and for that $50 that ocz 80+ certified 500W psu i referring to u is a steal and probably the best deal out there :-)
  4. if you only run those games, then the ati 4670 should be more than enough,
    I have a nvidai 9600m gt, and that runs those games at max settings
    I suggest the 4670 though, just to be sure
  5. im using a 24" monitor and im not sure the size of the PSU yet. my computer is arriving early next week, thanks for the info so far
  6. With a 24" monitor, most likely 1920X1200 resolution a HD4670 would probably not be a very good choice. To get high settings even in the older games you may have to get a new power supply to power a higher end card. Redwine01s suggestion of the OCZ Pro is a good one, also an Antec/Corsair/Seasonic of about 500w would be a good choice. A 4870 1 GB would probably be my choice for a graphic card for that resolution, but again Redwine01s suggestion of a 4850 isn't a bad choice. Look for one that exhausts heat from the back of the case.

    Dell uses a standard ATX power supply unless it's a slimline case.
  7. at that resolution grab the 4870 1gb version u wont regret it and u will be a very happy gamer and utilize ur cpu and other materials at the most and will be satisfied... u will find lots of 4870 floating around the corner i will suggest u to go with the one that has aftermarket cooler because 4870 has a bit heating issue (it gets much hotter than other cards). SAPPHIER vapor-x or toxic version is a good choice the cooler they install in the card is pretty excellent and do a great job. But u can go with xfx or visiontek becoz they have lifetime warranty so even if ur card is melted u will get another one for free :D choose as ur will :D
  8. hey friend thank you for sharing information as soon as my PC arrives i will look for this options. thank you.
  9. from my old computer that crashed, i actually have an Enermax Noisetaker 2 485W power supply i could use in my new computer, would that be enough to run the 4870 cards?
  10. Power supplies age over time. As long as it's not over 4 years old, has the connectors you need it should be fine to run a 4870 or a 4850. Is this the one ?
  11. @ Deception: I was running a 256Mb 7800GTX at 1920x1200 and it could handle both the games you mention with ease: Even with 4xAA (D3) and 4xAA 8xAF for HL2.
    Your really do not need more than a HD4670 unless you plan on other, more intense games, in which case a HD4870/GTX260 would be a must for such a high resolution. If the PSU is the one linked by Dirtmountain, it'll be fine for either.
  12. A 4670 is more then enough for those games at high resolution. If your a casual gamer and plan to stick with those old games a 4670 is fine.
  13. A 4770 offers about the same performance level as a 4850 for much less power.
    If you wait a week or two you could also buy a 5770 or 5750 and have DX11 support with low energy consumption.
    For a 24" monitor you'd want a little more horsepower from your video card.
  14. Yes that power supply listed is the one i own, im leaning now towards a 4870, but would that PSU be able to run a 5770 or 5750?
  15. @ Deception: The newer 57xx cards should draw less power than the HD4870, so your current (pun;)) PSU should be more than enough.
    From the information here:


    it looks like the 5770 is going to be a little slower than the HD4870 and GTX260, but only full reviews will tell the full truth: It would be foolish to draw too many conclusions from the results of two synthetic benchmarks of cards using, probably, beta drivers.
    While it is true DX11 is the future, it's going to be a long while before it becomes a must-have, and with prices of 'old' DX10 hardware starting to slip I think you would be best served by waiting a little longer.
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